Sunday, March 7, 2010

The person I want to thank most is Vanis. She had been my classmate for past 2 years. From first day of school, a total stranger to best friend is a tedious yet what everyone yearns for. Every friendship has different starting and ending, all begin when Mr Quek force us to befriend with one another. Since then we seem to be closer and closer.

In Secondary 2, we often hang out together after school. Sometimes, we even study together but always end up chatting. When we get back our results we will always set a goal which is to get A1, because of that I manage to get into 3A a class which we never think of in 2C. Now in Secondary 3 we have lesser time to chat but our friendship remain strong. This year everything seems to jumble together, setbacks and stress making me so restless. Thanks to her support and encouragement I can hang on till now.

How to make my days count, is to hold on to what you have and don’t take it for granted. I had experience it once when my grandma departed from the world life seems to come an end but life have to go on. I begin to reminisce about the past with her everything to be yesterday but now it is gone. When you lose something and begin to treasure it is too late. We can also be a volunteer in elderly care centre, people need our care and concern moreover a lonely elderly.

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